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Introducing our premiere project:

Our mission is to provide equal access to high-quality financial education and next generation opportunities across the globe.

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A Game of Risk and Reward

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Cat Tales

Beginner - Advanced

The Room

Intermediate - Advanced

Risk Pools

Intermediate - Advanced


About Crit

Not only do our games provide users with critical insight into financial risk management, but they also enable them to experience real-life scenarios and simulations that help mitigate societal risks and improve financial decision-making. Crit ensures that users can enjoy a fun and engaging educational experience while preparing for the future.

Your Source for Education Entertainment

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Our Games

Have a unique business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) component that addresses various insurance pain points, such as loss prevention, risk mitigation, talent development, and data cultivation. Our site provides users with a comprehensive and entertaining way to gain financial knowledge, become more secure with their finances and generate social impact.

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Intermediate - Advanced

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Beginner - Advanced

Our flagship game Cat-Tales introduces users to the basics of insurance protocols utilizing the “parametric insurance” foundational principles. Users can option a book of business utilizing real simulations and if their book profits, their board standing advances and they earn rewards on the platform. To find out more about our Alpha, contact us... Meow?



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