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 Academy Services:
"Finding the Right Path For You"

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A comprehensive suite of education services tailored to meet individual needs. Through industry expert-led, 1-2 hour sessions, students K through Grey can learn new skills and gain a deeper understanding of diverse topics, empowering them to make informed decisions about university choices and build a robust, college-ready portfolio. Moreover, by simulating university-level courses, users can gain practical, industry-relevant experience and receive personal feedback on their skills. With Crit, make the most of higher education and build a pathway to your institution.

courses can:

•    be delivered live online, in person or both
•    be delivered internationally or domestic
•    be delivered one-to-one or in small groups
•    be a tailored  to complement existing training

•    simulate university courses

•    earn platform credits and rewards

•    extend your network

•    reduce anxiety,  depression, and stress

Individuals and College Learning On-Ramp

Brands and Businesses 

Our education offerings can transform your workforce, develop their technical skills, embed creative thinking, and support their professional development. Our classes are led by world renowned subject-matter experts affiliated with top institutions, and are designed to address the interests and professional goals of your personnel and organization. With our expert guidance, you can create the perfect customized training courses to suit your needs. Invest in your workforce and their development today with our education programs.

workshops can:

•    be delivered live online, in person or both
•    be delivered internationally or domestic
•    be delivered to complement existing training
•    be a tailored version of an existing university course

•    empower your employees through creative learning
•    reduce anxiety, depression, and stress
•    source and vet future employees
•    extend global marketing and brand awareness





Educators & professionals by discipline and institution




One-to-one consultations, portfolio critiques and small group university level courses 





Through feedback, analysis and personalized recommendations 




How best to prioritize your time and passion

"Stephen gave me advice that no one has yet."

Heather Weston,  Brooklyn, NY. Digital Media

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