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Evaluate Exhibitions and Make Them

Esteemed artist, writer, and lecturer, Dr. Mike Cooter will survey art exhibition histories and contemporary debates around art exhibitions. The seminar will be contextualized by continual references to specific case studies, considering closely entwined relationships between exhibitions, design, architecture, politics, and commerce. Together you will discuss the practicalities of exhibition-making and consider how artwork speaks through context – and how this relationship can be structured. In addition, this seminar will explore ways in which the field is evolving and examine new dynamic approaches to exhibition-making. 

w/ Dr. Mike Cooter, Goldsmiths, UoL, London, Ph. D. (Fine Art), Royal College of Art, London, MA (Sculpture), Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford, London

6 sessions:

The Camera

How to Work w/ the Camera in a Socially Engaged Practice

Acclaimed photographer and leading contemporary artist, Melanie Manchot, will explore with you, a variety of technical and theoretical approaches to the use camera in a socially engaged practice. This seminar will consider the camera in both still and moving image art projects as an organizing principle and image-making machine. Using theoretical texts from philosophy and current art criticism, she will work with you to best situate how cameras can operate to articulate both ethics and aesthetics.

w/ artist Melanie Manchot, Venice Biennale, Royal College of Art, London, MFA (Photography)

City University, London, MA (Arts & Education) New York University, New York

3 sessions:


Contemporary Art (Where Do We Go From Here?) 

Considering the Context of Where Your Studio Practice Exists - Dexter Dalwood 

Exclusive opportunity to learn with world renowned artist Dexter Dalwood, Artist Trustee for the National Gallery, London, 2011-2019 (appointed by the Prime Minister), Liaison Trustee Tate Gallery London, 2017 – 2019, Royal College of Art, London, MFA (Fine Art), St. Martins School of Art, London, BFA (Painting), Turner Prize nominee, and Blue-Chip Representation w/ Simon Lee Gallery. Dexter has just completed a museum show at Museo Nacional de Arte in Mexico City and two gallery shows with Simon Lee in Hong Kong and Mexico. Dexter will lead a small group of select artists exploring contemporary artists and art forms through the examination of critical works. Participants will gain a better vantage point to view contemporary art’s dynamic trajectory, exploring text, pop-culture, and film, that have had a dramatic impact on the arts. This course is like a multivitamin for up-and-coming artists of all disciplines looking to break into the contemporary art world and take their work and practice to the next level. The aim of this seminar will be to push participants to think harder about the decisions they make concerning their own practice and to better understand what they are making art for in the first place. Participants will acquire a comfort level with artworks that might have previously seemed challenging or inaccessible.

This seminar is by application only.

w/ Dexter Dalwood, Artist Trustee for the National Gallery, London, Liaison Trustee Tate Gallery London, Royal College of Art, London, MFA (Fine Art), St. Martins School of Art, London, BFA (Painting)

3 sessions:

Art & Technology - Intro to NFTs & the Art Market

In 2021, NFTs seemed to come out of nowhere and became an overnight cultural sensation. What’s all the hype about? Join former Sotheby’s art historian and art market expert, Dr. Lauren Rotenberg, to unpack the rise of NFTs and their promises, potential, and pitfalls. This introductory seminar series clarifies how the technology works in non-technical terms, identifies major influencers and opportunities in the nascent ecosystem, and extracts insights from headlining “drop” events like Beeple’s $69M Christie's auction and Bored Ape Yaught Club, which has generated more than $1 billion in sales in less than a year. Through the lens of contemporary art history and the art market, we’ll discuss the rise of Crypto Art, Generative Art, and new collecting behaviors as NFTs call for reimagining central art market concepts of scarcity, rarity, price, and value. You'll gain an understanding of this exciting but confusing landscape, the potential of the blockchain as a new art commercial ecosystem, and how NFTs may unite fine art with cryptoculture. The course includes existing examples from the heart of the NFT conversation with actionable insights so you can start participating today.

w/ Dr. Lauren Rotenberg,  University of Central London,  Ph. D and MA (History of Art), McGill University, Montreal, BA (Humanities and Social Sciences)

3 sessions:

Katherin Newbegin_edited_edited.jpg

Introduction to Photography 

Over the last ten years, the world of photography has exploded through the easily accessible smartphone cameras. Yet, a true photographer can always gain more skills and techniques in order to rise above the rest. This class is designed for the passionate photographer who is ready to take their technique to the next level. Through group critiques, viewings from the history of photography, readings, and lectures, the student will learn all the fundamental skills required for working in photography, as well as gaining a deeper understanding of photography as an artistic medium. The class will cover all the basics from working with the camera, capturing the image, retouching the image, to creating a final portfolio of prints. Whether you are using a traditional camera, a smartphone, or a digital camera, this class will help you to gain a new skill level and understanding of how to take a good photograph in world inundated by images. 

 w/ Katherine Newbegin, Hunter College, NY, NY, MFA. (Photography), Yale, BA (Photography)

6 sessions:

Introduction to Video

The importance of film and video making in the artist repertoire can not be underestimated at this point in time. It is a crucial skill for every artist in every medium to be able to access in order to express their ideas. This six-week course will take the student on a journey learning the fundamental skills required to plan, create, edit and think critically about video as a creative medium. Through camera and audio demonstrations, as well as workshops with Adobe Premier and Audition, students will become proficient in shooting, editing, and thinking in a time-based medium. There will be a final project competed at the end of the six weeks in the form of a short 3 minute film, where concept planning will play a key role. 

 w/ Katherine Newbegin, Hunter College, NY, NY, MFA. (Photography), Yale, BA (Photography)


Cambodia Newbegin.jpg



"This will broaden the minds of people who may not have necessarily had access to these things in the past."

- Jayde Gibbons, Artist / Photographer, Bermuda


"There are no critics here so it's great to be able to show the work to someone who's got a worldwide perspective."

- Graham Foster, Artist / Painter & Sculptor, Bermuda


"The opportunities for this level of dialogue are not as readily available as one would hope. This opportunity meets this need." 

-Dr. Edwin Smith, Artist / Sr. Lecturer, Bermuda


"For a platform that has just been launched, it seems excellent to me."

-Dr. Marcus Verhagen, Esteemed Writer, Critic/Sr. Lecturer, London, England


"It was helpful to have a fresh/new perspective."

-Natessa Amin, 

Lecturer / Artist, Philadelphia, PA


"They seem to have the most experience being objective in their viewing of art."

-Joseph Santarpia,

Lecturer / Painter and Printmaker, New York, NY


"This platform would have been good before, after, and during art school."

- Anne Marie Waugh, 

Poet / Mixed Media Artist, Long Island, NY


"Knowledgeable not only in contemporary art/ art history, they were socially engaging and open minded." 

- Heather Weston, Inter-Disciplinary Artist, Brooklyn, NY

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