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Pronouns: she/her

Home: Brooklyn, New York

Education: MFA Fine Art (Photography) Hunter College

BA English & Photography, Yale University

  • Vimeo

Class titles and seminars taught:

  • Introductory Video (Video I) SVA BFA Photo & Video

  • Intermediate Video (Video II) SVA BFA Photo & Video

  • Advanced Video (Experimental Video Projects) SVA BFA Photo & Video

  • Video Projects, SVA MFA Fashion

  • Core Studio 3: Photo Contexts, Parsons BFA Photography

  • Digital I Photography, Pratt BFA Photography

  • Digital I Photography, SUNY Purchase BFA Photography

Service Offering

Visual Art Critique: a detailed analysis and evaluation of an artist's work. (allows for social & critical discourse, analysis, interpretation, and artist direction, provides exposure to contemporary art history, yields artist networks, collaborations and relationships).

Small Group Seminars: provide participants with a supportive, inclusive and creative environment to engage with various artforms, encouraging positive social interaction, a strong sense of community, and artistic expression of each individual.

Area's of specialization:

Katherine specializes in creating experimental video work using a super 8 mm camera, vhs, pixel 2000, as well as digital film making. She also specializes in photographing abandon locations internationally and has traveled all over Eastern Europe photographing abandon eastern block hotels and India photographing nearly abandon cinemas. She prints photographs in large scale at 40 x 50 inches. She shoots digital, medium format, and large format 4 x 5. She is interested in how photography and video intersect and the conversation that this inspires. She is also very drawn to painting and sculpture, having started out as a sculpture major at Yale and having been very involved with the graduate painting program during her undergrad.


Katherine Newbegin (b.1976) lives and works in Brooklyn. Newbegin received her MFA from Hunter college and her BA from Yale, where she studied English and Photography. In 2008, she received a DAAD fellowship to live in Berlin and in 2009 she received a Tiffany grant, which allowed her to travel to India in 2010 and 2011 to photograph cinemas. She was awarded residencies from the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, Yaddo, the Camera Club of New York, and the Catskills Mountain Foundation.
Newbegin has shown her work widely in both Europe and the US, including: Dina4Projekte, Haas & Fischer Gallery, Galerie Open, Pinakothek der Moderne, Kunstverein Munich, Kommunale Galerie
Berlin, the Loeb Art Center at Vassar College, Deutsches Haus, and the Chelsea Art Museum.
Newbegin has published two catalogues, one with Revolver in Germany, and the second with the Loeb Art Center at Vassar College. Her work has been featured in Berlin Zitty, Time Out New York, Lettre
International, Camera Austria, Neues Deustchland, ParisBerlin, Zuricher Zeitung, Die Welt, and the Berliner Morgenpost.

Artist's Statement

Katherin Newbegin's work in still photography and video has centered for many years around the idea of a time capsule space or an archaeological experience of tracing the remaining patina left behind. She is interested in the dislocation of interior spaces, revealing secret hidden worlds. Included in her portfolio is work from Lithuania and Poland, locating old soviet hotels and the detritus of the aging remains from the soviet oppression of these countries. Ironically, it has become a compelling moment to work in these countries as tensions rise with Russia. Since 2005, she has been traveling widely, tracking down through word of mouth, these gigantic monuments to tourism in Moldova, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Cuba, Bulgaria, Croatia, and Belarus. The architecture is a specific type of “block hotels” built by the government for the workers of the Soviet Union, and meant for nation building purposes. She often spends several days sleeping in these hotels, not speaking to anyone, and leaving the room only to eat.

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