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Melanie Manchot 

Pronouns: she/her

Born: Witten, Germany 

Home: London, UK

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Visual Art Critique: a detailed analysis and evaluation of an artist's work. (allows for social & critical discourse, analysis, interpretation, and artist direction, provides exposure to contemporary art history, yields artist networks, collaborations and relationships).

Small Group Seminars: provide participants with a supportive, inclusive and creative environment to engage with various artforms, encouraging positive social interaction, a strong sense of community, and artistic expression of each individual.

Title: The Camera

How to Use the Camera in a Socially Engaged Practice - Melanie Manchot

This seminar will consider the camera in both still and moving image art projects as an organizing principle and image-making machine. Using theoretical texts from philosophy and current art criticism, she will work with you to best situate how cameras can operate to articulate both ethics and aesthetics.