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Introduction to Exhibitions & Display

Evaluate Exhibitions and Make Them • 2 platform credits

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Service Description

On this seminar programme you will be introduced to important theoretical resources related to exhibition-making and the practice of display, contextualized by continual reference to specific case studies, and consider the closely entwined relationship between exhibitions, design, architecture, politics and commerce. As a group we will discuss the practicalities of exhibition-making and consider how artwork is narrated by its context – and how this relationship can be structured. Session 1: What is an exhibition? An introductory session where we will touch on the key themes of the seminar series and look at some historical foundations of contemporary forms of the exhibition. Session 2: Exhibition and Display. What does it mean to put something on show? What might our intentions be in making something public? This session will address the form of ‘exhibitions’ (which historically ‘teach’ or ‘tell’ you something) and consider the notion of ‘display’ – a term with behavioral connotations (‘a peacock displays to its potential mate’.) Session 3: Narrative. An exhibition is seldom the presentation of a single work, but an array of connected / disconnected objects / artworks. What is the function of narrative in the sequential arrangement of things in physical (or digital) space? Session 4: Exhibition Design. A survey of historic and contemporary exhibition design strategies and conventions: why do exhibitions look the way they do? What is the relationship between design for exhibitions and the design of commercial environments (shops, department stores) that display artefacts for sale? Session 5: Contemporary innovations in exhibition-making and forms of display. In this session we will consolidate our readings, case studies and introduce new exhibitionary strategies. Session 6: Critical notes. In this session we will continue our discussion of the exhibition through short annotated presentations by the attendees. What exhibition has been important to you, why and what can we learn from it? The seminar includes: • Readings and Watch lists – will be set to prepare you for each seminar / discussion • Assignments – will conclude with a session of presentations and constructive critical group discussions • 6 hours of live instruction • Expert interviews – You will access webinar interviews with experts and artists • Video – Recording of Seminar • Presentation slides • 2 platform credits

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126 Sequams Lane Center, West Islip, NY, USA

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